Welcome to the Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust

Please Note: The impact of the coronavirus has meant there are some difficulties dealing with new applications for grants sent through the post, i.e. it would help if applications could be sent by email. Should you only be able to send an application by post please let us know – if you can – by email to application-secretary@swbt.org

We are the UK’s only charity dedicated to helping social workers when times are difficult. And now times are very difficult for social workers, ex-social workers, and their dependents.Please donate now by finding swbt on Just Giving! Thank you.

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The Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust was established as an independent charity in 1971 on the initiative of the British Association of Social Workers (Charity No. 262889). It remains independent with its own trustees.

The Trust offers financial help to social workers and their dependents in times of hardship, for example when experiencing sickness, bereavement, family difficulties or sudden catastrophe.

It is a small charity with limited funds, and it aims to provide grants that will make a tangible difference to the applicants.The trustees consider grants at their bi-monthly meetings, and applicants need to complete an application form if they wish to be considered for a grant.

For further information please see the How to Apply  and  How to Donate pages or use the button below to go straight to our JustGiving page and make a donation.