1. BASW Admin Support – Guidance

Social Workers Benevolent Trust

Guidance for BASW Admin support for SWBT

  1. SWBT meet 8 times per year – meetings in January, March, May, July, September and November deal with applications. The meetings in June and December are business meetings when applications will only be dealt with if they are very urgent. Meetings are held in Birmingham or London. Dates are arranged for the whole year and meeting dates need to be booked in the BASW diary.


  1. Receive letters/ application forms / acknowledgements/ telephone enquiries etc at BASW. Keep record of all correspondence received.

  1. Requests for application forms – as required send out hard copy of form or send via e-mail an electronic copy of form or redirect applicant to website www.swbt.org to download an application form. If appropriate give date of next Trustees meeting.

  1. Number and photocopy all completed applications received.

  1. Forward photocopies of all applications & correspondence received to Applications Secretary – 1 mailing per week or as required.

  1. Keep a record of all finance correspondence received and forward originals to Treasurers – cheques to Su Roxborough and all other finance paperwork including from Quilter Cheviot or Dains to Rupert Franklin – 1 mailing per week or as required.

  • Prior to Trustees Meeting

  1. Receive additional papers for the Trustees meeting from Minutes Secretary (agenda & minutes of last meeting) and Treasurer (Treasurer’s Report) at least 10 days prior to the meeting. All papers including applications and acknowledgements to be photocopied and sent to each Trustee in padded envelope by recorded delivery 7 days before the meeting.

  1. All paperwork arriving after this date to be made available on the day of the meeting. 10 copies of each tabled application form are required. Alternative arrangements will be made by the Chair or Applications Secretary prior to the London meeting.

  1. Originals of all applications, acknowledgments and other correspondence to be handed to Applications Secretary at the Trustees meeting.

    • After the Trustees Meeting

  1. Any queries received from applicants about the outcome of their application to be redirected to Applications Secretary.

  1. Any general questions or queries to be redirected to Co-chair, Jean Lockley.

  2. All applications and correspondence from applicants to be treated as confidential material and kept secure whilst at Kent Street.

December 2017