2. Honorary Treasurer

Social Workers Benevolent Trust

Job Description – Honorary Treasurer

Purpose and Role

To administer and oversee the financial affairs of the Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust (and carry out duties of a Trustee working to promote the ethos of the Trust)

Key Tasks:

  • Have knowledge of the work and policies of SWBT and contribute to the work of the Trust

  • Attend and participate in SWBT meetings

  • Keep proper books of accounts in line with Charity Commission guidance using spreadsheets which can be shared electronically and also presented in a paper form as required

  • Operate bank accounts as agreed by SWBT Trustees using internet banking wherever possible and with all cheques being signed by two Trustees; no blank cheques are to be used

  • Prepare a budget for approval by the Trustees at the first meeting at the start of the financial year

  • Prepare and present a Treasurer Report including an updated cash flow to each SWBT Trustees meeting. An electronic copy will be sent a week prior to the meeting and then a verbal report at the meeting.

  • Receive monies due to SWBT including donations and make payments on behalf of SWBT

  • Make applications on behalf of the Trust to HMRC as required

  • Maintain contact with Charity Giving Organisations

  • Maintain an effective communication link with the investment company managing the Trust’s investments

  • Prepare all financial paperwork requested by the auditors for the annual audit in November each year

  • Liaise as necessary with other Trustees, the finance section at BASW, the bank, the auditors and the investment manager at the investment company managing the Trust’s investments

  • The Treasurer will work in close relationship with the Chair(s) of SWBT.

January 2018