11. Safeguarding

Safeguarding Policy

  1. The Trust recognises that any applicant for a grant may have care and support needs as defined in the Care Act 2014 and may have dependent children.
  2. The Trust will therefore operate in accordance with the current legislation relating to safeguarding children and adults, namely Working Together 2019 and the Care Act 2014 and their supporting statutory guidance or their equivalents in each of the four jurisdictions of the UK
  3. As all applications to the Trust for grants are received either by post or email, Trustees never have face-to-face contact with any applicant; however, on occasions there may be the need for telephone contact between a Trustee and an applicant to seek a point of clarification
  4. The Trustees may therefore become aware of possible or actual abuse of an applicant or an applicant’s dependent/s; in such cases, the Trustees will contact the relevant local authority – either Adult or Children’s Social Care as appropriate – to advise them of their concerns.
  5. Where appropriate – that doing so will not potentially put them at an increased risk of harm or abuse – the Trustees will inform the adult that they have contacted the local authority.
  6. SWBT has developed a robust policy and procedure for the appointment of new Trustees. This includes a Personal Declaration signed by the prospective Trustee and their provision of one written reference and a completed basic DBS check before their appointment.

Agreed January 2021

Review date December 2023