9. Ethical Investments

Ethical investments policy

  1. The Social Workers Benevolent Trust will develop a portfolio of investments with various third-party organisations through the investment of surplus funds and endowments. On occasion it may also makes investments in other related parties as these opportunities arise.
  1. The Trust will not knowingly invest in companies whose activities could be seen to endanger individuals or groups of people. In addition, the Trust acknowledges in full the climate change agenda and the urgent need to put in place mitigating measures to protect and promote the environment for future generations. In the management of its portfolio, the Trust will endeavour to minimise its support for companies / industries adjudged harmful to the environment (e.g fossil-fuel industries) and to maximise its investment in green and ethical technologies according to the latest scientific research.
  1. The Trust will endeavour to develop its portfolio in a manner consistent with the following statement from BASW re its own portfolio of investments:

“The portfolio should not include any investments in companies which have an unsound ethical or environmental impact. Also the portfolio should exclude any investment in companies whose representation might prove damaging, directly or indirectly to the purposes or reputation of the Association or is known to not uphold the principles and values of the Association e.g. armament manufacturers or where human rights are known to have been violated.”

  1. In order to ensure compliance with this policy the Trust will:
  • consider the ethical implications of all future investments alongside other opportunities and
  • ensure that fund managers responsible for the Trust’s portfolio are operating to socially responsible objectives consistent with those above

Agreed March 2021. For review December 2023