13. Annual Report and Financial Statement: Actions and Time Line

SWBT Annual Report and Financial Statement: Actions and Time Line

The Annual Report and Accounts are produced every year.

  1. The first draft of the Annual Report is written by the Chair/Co-Chair using the headings and content from the previous year. This process begins in October.
  2. The aim is for Trustees contributing to the relevant sections via e-mail prior to agreeing the Draft Annual Report at the November meeting.
  3. The Annual Accounts are produced by Dains (Auditors) from financial information provided by the Treasurer.
  4. BASW’s annual audit takes place in November and we usually plan our November meeting at BASW to coincide with this audit.
  5. The Auditors need to see not only the Treasurer’s financial information but also the minutes of our meeting for the previous financial year, a random sample (selected by the auditors) of applications and correspondence with applicants, and also copies of all our current policies.
  6. The Draft Annual Report is sent by the Chair/Co-Chair to Dains in December.
  7. Dains then return the Draft Annual Report and Accounts via e-mail to the Chair/Co-Chair.
  8. All Trustees need to agree the Draft Annual Report and Accounts in January and they are returned to Dains with the Trustees agreement by the Chair/Co-Chair.
  9. Dains then send us hard copies of the Final Annual Report and Accounts to be signed by the Chair/Co-Chair and Treasurer. This is usually in April/May.
  10. These signed documents are then returned to Dains who are responsible for sending them to BASW and the Charity Commission etc. Dains have updated the process (from 2019): The financial statements should be uploaded to the Charity Commission website as part of the completion of the Charity’s annual return when completed. A number of years ago Dains would have sent copies of the accounts directly to the Charity Commission, but over recent years the Charity Commission prefer for them to be uploaded as they do not have to scan them in. In order to upload them now, the Named Person (for contact with the CC) logs on to our Charity Commission account, then selects the “Annual Return Service”. Once in this section we should have a “submit your accounts” next to the year 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2018 (etc.). Select this and follow the online instructions.
  11. The SWBT Annual Report and Accounts have to be agreed at the BASW AGM (in June in 2019).
  12. The Chair/Co-Chair or one of the Trustees is responsible for proposing and speaking to the Report and Accounts at the AGM.
  13. When the BASW AGM takes place dictates how quickly they need to be signed off, i.e. if the BASW AGM is in April then they must be signed at beginning of March at the latest, if June then this can happen in May.
  14. The Chair/Co-Chair and Treasurer have contact names and addresses for Dains.
  15. Dains return a bound and an unbound copy of the the SWBT Annual Report and Accounts to the Chair/Co-Chair.
  16. The bound copy should go to the Treasurer as part of the Financial records for that financial year.
  17. The unbound copy can go to the person presenting to the BASW AGM in case it is needed for reference at the AGM.