How to Apply

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If you are experiencing financial hardship and want to speak to someone to see whether the Fund can help please follow the instructions below.

Covid 19 Update

We recognise that during this current health pandemic lots of social workers and their families are experiencing hardship.  As a small charity we aim to support as many social workers as we can from our limited funds; however, we decide on giving grants at our meetings. So while we are happy to receive applications at any time, please understand our constraints in responding to you.

We would like to remind applicants that postal applications are taking much longer due to the delays in the postal system. Please send in postal applications as early as possible prior to the Trustees Meeting.

See also the “Covid19 – Alternative Sources of Help

Who can apply?

The Trust welcomes applications from Social Workers who hold a professional Social Work qualification, or their dependents, from within the UK.

Only in very exceptional circumstances are applications considered from people who do not hold a professional qualification. Eligibility would depend on the nature and length of employment and we would need to see a job description to determine if they are in a post that would normally require a social work qualification.

How to Apply for a SWBT Grant

We suggest you read the Essential Notes for Applicants and then complete the Application Form and send it to us before the cut-off date.

The Trustees will review your application at the Trustees bi-monthly meeting where it will be approved or rejected.

You can send your application form to us by email or post your Application Form via the postal service. The email address and postal address you need are on the Application Form.

Wherever possible please complete the Application Form on line. It is important to note that no applicant will be disadvantaged should they not be able to complete the Application Form on line.

Essential Notes for Applicants

It is essential that you read the “Essential Notes for Applicants” before completing the Application Form.

Please read it.

We have had to reject applications because the Application Form has not been completed correctly and this makes you and us unhappy.

So please read it and use it as a guide to complete your Application Form.

Where to find the Application Forms

The Application Forms

The important Application Form can be downloaded from here:

Alternative and accessible formats

If you experience or anticipate any barriers with our application process, require help to make an application, or accessing our information, please telephone BASW on 07593 819562 for advice.

Upcoming Funding Programmes

The Trustees meet approximately every two months to consider applications for grants. There are no further meetings in 2021.

The next meeting of the trustees is in 2022 on:

  • 11th January

For the meeting on 11th January the last date to receive applications is by 9.30 am on 7th January.

The subsequent meeting to the one to be held on 11th January will be on 16th March, 2022 when the last date to receive applications will be 9.30 am on 14th March.

The meeting dates for the rest of 2022 have now been set and are as follows: 5th May, 11th July, 13th September, and 16th November.

Closing date for applications

The trustees consider grants at their bi-monthly meetings, and applicants need to complete an application form if they wish to be considered for a grant.

We would prefer to receive your application well before the cut off date so we can fully consider your application.

All applications must be received no later than 2 business working days before the date of the Trustee bi-monthly meeting.

For 17th November meeting the last date to receive applications is by 9.30 am on 15th November.

In exceptional circumstances applications received after the cut off time, but deemed urgent by the Chair, may be considered.

How do I find out my application is successful?

The Applications Secretary will contact you soon after the Trustee meeting.

How many times can you make an application?

Applicants will not normally be considered for a grant if they have received help from the Trust within the last 12 months.